Summer time brings some great fishing options in the NW, and a little Montana report

June has been a busy month so far for us here at OPO. With spring chinook winding down, the June stream opener brought us some great opportunity. DSC_5281

First and foremost I took a short much needed break and drove the 12 hours to Montana for some brown trout fishing. I’d been waiting to 10 years to see a salmon fly hatch, and while the weather through the large numbers of hatchers off, I did find a few and just as cool was finding the trout that ate them!



River cutthroats has been Hot and will only get better through out the summer and peak in early fall. These fish are hungry and happy to eat flies. Add that with a side of sunshine, a scenic float, Very Very minimal (if any) pressure and this makes July-Sept prime time to be on the water, if you’re interested we have some days open (full day float for two, $400). Fish average around 8″-12″ but we’ve taken multiple fish up to 22″ over the years! DSC_5131

We’re Offering walk in specials which are $100 off! And close to seattle! These streams offer some spectacular views and even better fishing! Full day walk in trips are $300 and are a great way to bend the rod and learn some new tricks.


The slat water Cutts have been eager to grab flies all through the spring. With the pink run last fall the fish in puget sound are enjoying a few extra meals swimming around at the moment and we’ve been taking full advantage of it! OPO has access to two private beaches along with beaches further away from the more popular guided beaches the shops in Seattle frequent.



Alaska Kings! 2013

Alaska, just the name toys with an Anglers imagination.

Add the word “Kings” and you’ve got a fisherman’s dream.

Nothing can compare to the main push of the world’s biggest king salmon runs, watching rods fold; Nay, burry in half. I’ve been blessed to fish some of Alaska’s best king runs and here’s some quick photos of the season that was — Enjoy! Continue reading…


Montana trip


Was lucky enough to head to big sky country for the first time with y family last week. Truly some of gods country there and loved it 1,000 time more then I thought I would.

While the focus of the trip wasn’t on fishing, it tough to send a fishing guide to a trout play ground and not get him going.  We were lucky enough to have the mother’s day caddis hatch going off so fishing some size 18 caddis nymphs  proved to be pretty damn effective! DSC_2114

Since I was born and raised in western WA, I was able to accomplish a goal of mine and land my first, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th…… brown trout. Beautiful fish that whopped my butt on my winnie 5wt!



2013 wrap up!

Another season is in the books. After a slow start and highs and lows, we finished with our bang with above average days for the last few weeks running Yakima Bait Co’s Mag lip 3.5s and yarn balls tipped with Mad River Manufacturing’s fish pills. Also like to give a big shout out to Rusty Bell, owner of Western Fishing Operations, maker of high quality worms. He’s been on board from the beginning and has a passion for fishing and his craft like all of us. DSC_1051

In the end it was a season of big hens, but chris popped this buck of  a life time. Hardest fighting fish I have ever seen!

with many memories in the 2013 season, please check through our updated pictured and look for some big things coming the rest of the year!

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Thanks to everyone who made it another fantastic winter steelhead season!