With over a decade of steelheading knowledge I provide a safe, fun, trip for up to 2 anglers in a 16ft Wille’s drift boat.

Depending on the client’s requests and ability level we will fish a variety of techniques throughout the day ranging from side drifting to pulling plugs.

JUSTIN-TENZLER-ABOUT-OPO-02I also offer guided fly trips. The only difference is the gear and the boat. To allow clients more comfort and room while casting I fish out of a 13ft Aire Super Puma raft. This allows me to take clients into water that doesn’t get fished as hard as some that is more drift boat friendly.

Nymphing various egg patterns and other flies is our main way of fly fishing, but when the opportunity to swing to aggressive fish comes up you can’t pass it up!

Putting up numbers is always nice but I am a firm believer that there is more to a trip than hooking a boat load of fish. I want my clients to have a good time on the water, walk away having learned something new and a greater appreciation for the beautiful rivers we have the privilege of fishing!

All the rivers I guide get their starts high in the mighty Olympic Mountain Range. These rivers have a few things that separate them from any other rivers in the state: they are the furthest away from the hustle of the big cities, they harbor the largest returns of native steelhead and salmon in Washington and they are home to the biggest trophy salmon and steelhead in the state! It was because of these factor I chose to begin my fishing career on the Olympic Peninsula and have a deep passion and excitement every day we get to fish on them.

JUSTIN-TENZLER-ABOUT-OPO-03Each river offers a different experience, from the steep drops and rapids on the upper Sol Duc to the long meandering runs on the lower Hoh, the Olympic Peninsula gives you it all.

Where we fish can vary day to day, all dependent on our unpredictable winter weather; but if an angle has a preference and the weather is accommodating we will try to make it happen!

Much of the early season is spent on the upper Duc and Bogachiel, chasing the first pushes of natives up the system. These fish are going the furthest in the systems and tend to be some of the hottest fish of the year!

As the season progresses, fish are spread out between the Duc, Calawah, Bogachiel, and upper Hoh and fishing starts to get GOOD!

By the time March rolls around the season is in fully swing. The upper Sol Duc fish are getting ready to spawn but the big pushes of tidal fish are hitting the lower Hoh. This is my personal favorite fishery of the year! Chrome bright, as fresh as can be caught steelhead pushing in on the front and back of the high tides.